Saturday, January 12, 2013
Keynote Address
18:00 – 19:00 • Room: Vista Room
Kilsu Eo
Executive Vice President, Samsung
Convergence Solution Team, Software R&D Center
User Experience Center, DMC R&D Center
Smart Life with Convergence
Over several years, Samsung Electronics has been leading the CE/IT device market with various devices. These have been achieved by the
wide spectrum of products including smart phone and smart TV as well as the technical leadership.
Nowadays, because the concept of product has been changed from the single device itself to the window for giving user experience, if the
device can't give the integrated user experience to users, it can't be a market leading product. Therefore, in order to lead the market, device
manufactures must find the way to give more differentiated experience to users rather than any other companies. One of the solutions is the
convergence - how previously separate networks, devices, and services can converge to offer new, exciting services.
This keynote will broadly explore the IT mega trends around CE/IT device manufactures for the convergence - Cloud/Big Data/Device
Convergence - and why these trends are important to device manufactures. Throughout the keynote, the audience will be able to obtain the
insight to the CE market, which technologies should be developed in each trend for the device manufacturers as to give an integrated
experience to users - Smart Life.
Dr. Eo received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from the Seoul National University in 1982, Master's degree in
1984 and Ph.D. degree in 1989 in Electrical Engineering from KAIST. His Ph.D. major was computer graphics including ray tracing, hardware
acceleration engine for rasterization based on parallel processing, and object modeling.
He joined Samsung Electronics in 1989. Since then, he has developed various technologies and solutions for virtual reality, audio/video
codec, DTV middleware, application, etc. He was given the Industry Prize from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korean Government
for his contribution to the embedded software industry in 2010.
Now, he is Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics and vice chairman of Korea Embedded Software Industry Council. In Samsung
Electronics, he is leading Convergence Solution Team in Samsung Software R&D Center, which focuses on the research and development of
the convergence solutions such as Allshare™, cloud, big data, smart home and security. And also he is leading User Experience Center in
Samsung DMC R&D Center, where they are discovering user values and scenarios for new services and designing the identity of Samsung
products and services. He is looking for the opportunities of combining the products with services, so he is interested in the areas such as
cloud server/services, data analytics, web-centric solution, convergence platform and ecosystem. He expects that all these technologies will
be applied to our daily lives not only with CE devices but also with future cars and health care devices.
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